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  1. Hello! I want to emphasize that I'm a hobbyist so I do NOT need top tier specs.

    I recently got into making drone videos with my DJI Mavic. I'm new to Apple products, video making, and don't know much about computers+specs. I do plan to purchase an iMac or MBP to edit 4k footage on Final Cut Pro

    1) I was considering a 21.5" iMac, but after doing research a lot of people told me the 21.5" is very underpowered even if I customized the best specs on the Apple website. If I were to get the 27", what specs (i5 vs i7, processor, RAM, etc.) should I consider for 4k? Again, I'm a hobbyist and my price range is preferably <$2000, but I'd like to know my options at a max of $2500.

    2) I've seen a lot of review stay the 2016 15" MCP+touchbar is not worth the price tag; what are your thoughts on the 2015 15" MCP? Capable to smoothly editing 4k w/ FCP?

    Apple refurb store has a 2015 15"; thoughts for 4k editing?
    Click image for larger version

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    3) If the 2015 is capable of doing the job; which 15" model should I get? Its hard to know the available models since the Apple website doesn't sell them anymore.
    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks! I'd appreciate the help!
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    Probably better asked and answered in our Mac Forum. Moving.

    Moderator redwudz
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    See for past and present Mac specifications.
    The notebooks can have less maximum RAM, compared to the desktop iMacs (16 vs. 32/64 GB).
    The two flavours in your second image are mainly Integrated Graphics versus Dual Graphics (= integrated graphics + dedicated graphics.) The iMac models are also divided by integrated graphics and dedicated graphics. Integrated graphics used to suck, but the in last few years the performance has stepped up a bit. FCP will utilise the extra power that the dedicated graphics card provides, tho'.
    Don't forget disk space. Is your strategy external (usb 3 or thunderbolt), or large internal drive?
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    Are you moving to Apple products because of your new interest in video editing?
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    $1700 for a refurb (or even new) laptop with those weenie specs is completely ridiculous.

    I have a Mac mini.

    If I ever wanted something beefier, I'd build a Hackintosh. More power, less cost.
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