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  1. Greetings from DVDFab!

    FairPlay, Apple’s own version of DRM encryptions, prevents its users from fairly playing their legally purchased songs, movies and TV shows on any non-Apple devices. Now with the release of DVDFab DRM Removal, such kind of limitation is no longer a barrier in the road.

    Introducing the DVDFab DRM Removal
    Born as a piece of DRM removal software, DVDFab DRM Removal has one and only one top mission — Remove the DRM encryptions from the Apple-sold songs, movies and TV Shows, so as to enjoy them on any non-Apple devices, which might be an Android phone or tablet, etc. The removal solution is complete and permanent, and the entire process does not damage the original video and audio quality at all.

    Save 30% on Cinavia and DRM Removal Products
    During DVDFab 2017 Easter Promotion, you can save 30% on all our Cinavia and DRM Removal products. (April 13 to May 8, 2017)

    More Info about DVDFab DRM Removal:
    More Info about the promotion:
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    Any plans for an Apple macOS client? The webpage only mentions a Windows client at the moment.
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    Congratulations on the new program!

    The DVDFab web site advertises the program as lossless, but the FAQ in the DVDFab forum says the program is not lossless for M4A (AAC).

    Can you explain why the AC3 track of a video is lossless, but the AAC track must be re-encoded? Do you plan to add lossless AAC in future versions?

    It should be noted that the other paid iTunes DRM programs on the market have this same limitation with forced AAC re-encode. I always wondered why this is since AAC lossless decryption is possible (the program that starts with a "R" can do it).
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  4. Originally Posted by Case View Post
    Any plans for an Apple macOS client? The webpage only mentions a Windows client at the moment.
    Yes, DRM Removal for Mac is under development, and will be released in near further.
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