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  1. Have new Sanyo FWZV475F combo unit. Have made several recordings of movies for my spouse. Recently attempted the following: record two consecutive 1 hour programs, followed by one 1 hour program the following evening. The end result is an E40 error (some portion has not been recorded because of program overlapping. Recording did not start at the start time.) This same error is indicated on each of the three timed recordings I have programmed. I am using a 12cm DVD-RW and have the recording mode set to 'LP'. Despite having been involved with computers since 1965 I sure as hell am no guru when it comes to this DVD recording stuff. I must be remiss somewhere??? THANX for your response!!
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  2. The Sanyo FWZV475F is made by the Funai company, which re-labels the identical unit as Funai, Magnavox, Toshiba, and Sanyo versions. There are a couple minor (to most users) feature differences between them, but the overall operating interface is the same. They all employ a somewhat confusing timer programming system. It is rather picayune to set properly, unless you can train yourself to think like the recorder does (and the recorder thinks its a clock radio designed in the Ukraine circa 1978).

    There are discussions about the quirks of these machines scattered all over the web, but you need to search for the vastly more widespread Toshiba DVR620 or DVR630 or Magnavox ZV427MG9 models (hardly anyone posts specifically about the Funai or Sanyo variants). Information on how to solve the E40 timer failure issue seems difficult to find on any of these, even the colossal Magnavox subforum at AVS isn't much help. People ask, but no consistent solutions.

    If all the desired programs have been recorded properly, and the E40 is only appearing as a spurious error, dismiss it by pressing the Display button or just ignore it.

    If you did NOT get one or more recordings that you wanted, double check that you don't have one or more of your programs set to repeat daily or weekly. Repeating timers are often the cause of overlap errors with just-once entries. If you're quite sure you don't actually have any overlapping timer entries, you may be SOOL: occasionally, these units get stuck in E40 mode permanently.

    Some people succeed by resetting the recorder to factory defaults, clearing any glitches that my be stuck in timer memory.

    Others solve the problem by reworking their timer habits. Avoid potential conflicts by leaving a minute or two between programs: the Funai units can balk at back-to-back timer inputs like 8pm to 9pm followed by 9pm to 10pm.

    One of the less intuitive causes of E40 is blank media the recorder doesn't "like". Every now and then, the unit will spin up the blank disk a couple minutes before a scheduled timer, and run a self test. If the test fails, the unit assumes the disc is bad, and throws up a misleading E40 error instead of clearly saying it doesn't like the disc. Changing to different brand or disc type ( R vs RW) may temporarily solve the timer issue.

    Leaving the power on, instead of using Standby or Timer mode, works more reliably for some people. But it depends on the specific variant: some Funais will go into timer recording mode regardless of power status, others require the unit be off.
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  3. Thanks for your response! I have since succeeded in getting the desired program(s) on DVD, although I did not replicate the same set-up attempt (2 one hour, followed by 1 one hour). The set-up I used was a straight 3 hour program on TLC rather than the one from the ID channel which was in bits and pieces (this program was repeated several times in a one to two week time frame on both TLC and ID channels). My original problem was likely precipitated by my inadvertent use of a DVD+RW which the Sanyo does not like!!! I have been spoiled by an older Panasonic we have which will use almost any DVD media type. Now I have to make sure I have both types on hand and do not fail to make sure which I am using and in what unit. THANX again!!!!
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