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  1. Hi, years ago I bought a pci card for digital and analog tv. It's called Winfast dtv2000 h, from a crappy company called Leadtek. At the time I had Win xp, and apart a couple of bugs, it worked fine.

    Then I installed Win 7, the drivers didn't work, and no update was issued. I wrote the company to tell them to write the new drivers, they didn't. At a certain point I saw that Win 7 update featured a driver specifically to this card. I installed the driver from the update center, the software from the cd, but it didn't work, the software always crashed, so I dropped the thing.

    Now I installed Win 10, and again the updates show there is a driver, in device manager the card is shown as working. And again the software doesn't handle it.

    Is there a third party software that can read the stream from the card (and handle everything that there is to handle)?
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  2. VLC, probably, but it isn't user-friendly.

    VirtualDub, amaRecTV for the analog side only.
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    Run the software you have in Win 7 mode. It works for me, on win 10.
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  4. Originally Posted by isapc View Post
    Run the software you have in Win 7 mode. It works for me, on win 10.
    You mean you have the same card and installed the xp software from the cd ?
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