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  1. Hi guys,

    I am looking for a video player for Windows which support media library properly. I have been a VLC user for a long time but now i am basically looking for a player which shows my Movies and TV Show library with their posters, artwork, info, metadata etc. just to be more organized and fun watching. I don't like to play videos by going into drives anymore.

    After some research, i found Cyberlink PowerDVD, it shows you posters (screenshot attached), organize the media and the video/audio enhancement is cool but it takes a lot of computer resources and it's contextual menus are super slow so overall it's not a fast player.

    Some of the artwork is missing as the filenames were not accurate, i would do later with FileBot.

    So guys please recommend me any good player if you know any. Thank you.
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    Maybe Kodi can meet your needs.
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    There are several, but Kodi would be my first choice as well.
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