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  1. After uninstalling ffdshow filters and installing the LAV Filters I was able to solve my x265 video display problem within SubtitleWorkshop.
    Today I notices while trying to display an x263 video (XVID) in an MKV container within SW I encountered the same problem, sound but no video.

    On the LAV Filters web site I found the following statement:

    Not all containers are equally supported, so some formats may fail in one container and work in another.

    After reading that I extracted the x263 video from the MKV container and received an AVI video. This video now plays within SW. I also have the DIVX filter installed and the XVID x263 MKV video plays within the DIVX layer.

    My question is are there any settings I need to set for the LAV Filters in order to play the x263 MKV file or am I a victim the LAV Filters container notice above.
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  2. Not that much you can try except activate the potential formats in LAV Video (but all mpeg4 and divx/xvid formats are activated by default) and try HW acc for mpeg4 on/off (but is usually default off as it should be). There are different ways to store Xvid in MKV and since it's not a very common usage muxers thend to be broken. Best you can do is send a sample to the LAV author. Or test ffplay/ffmpeg and send sample to the ffmpeg team and their issue tracker. Since LAV is based on ffmpeg the author will usually point you there anyways.
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  3. Thanks again sneaker.

    On there rare occasions I guess I'll just use Subtitle Edit to make any subtitle changes.
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  4. x265 videos don't work in SubtitleWorkshop after all.
    After initially working it now does not.
    I had this same experience early on with the DirectShow filters.
    When I noticed SW didn't display x265 videos I updated the DirectShow filters.
    After updating I was able to view x265 in SW. Then later on it didn't.
    Now the same has happened with the LAV filters.
    I think I'll uninstall the LAV filters and reinstall the DIrectShow filters.
    Hopefully that will fix my x263 problem.
    I'll just use SubtitleEdit when I have an x265 video.
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  5. Well, not much I can say. LAV Filters are DirectShow Filters. Maybe some other filter took control again. Uninstall all other unnecessary codecs and codec packs. Then install LAV Filters again. If "x265 videos don't work" (what exactly does that mean anyways? It's a bad problem description.) try to open the video in GraphStudioNext (32). Look which filters are loaded. If they're not LAV then uninstall those and install LAV again. For Windows 7+ there's the Win7DSFilterTweaker. It can you can prevent Microsoft's filters to take priority if it's those that are blocking LAV.

    Do old x265 movies that worked still work or do they also suddenly make problems? Maybe you can see a difference between those that work and those that don't. (e.g. mp4 instead of mkv container or 10 bit instead of 8 bit)
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    Originally Posted by Moralez View Post
    x265 videos don't work in SubtitleWorkshop after all.

    SWS + Lav Filters works perfectly for videos encoded with x-265.

    Follow exactly the instructions of the user nbarzgar in this thread

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  7. Thanks again sneaker for the quick response.
    I'm way over my head now.
    Not knowing exactly how GraphStudioNext works, when I drag video files onto it they all say Microsoft DTV-DVD Video/Audio Decoder.
    Video Output1 points to VMR input0 Video Renderer. Those must be the MS filters you mentioned. I'll DL Win7DSFilterTweaker and see
    where that leads me.

    x265 videos never really worked. They worked once after installing new/updated filters but that was it.
    When I went back later to view them all I got was a black viewing screen.

    Once again thanks for your input.
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  8. remanyao

    Thanks for the info.

    I followed the instructions exactly but still no go on x265.
    I have the LAV filters installed and when I drag/drop an x264 video onto GraphStudioNext the LAV filters audio/video show.
    However, when I drag/drop an x265 onto GraphStudioNext it doesn't show any video codes, only audio and it is the LAV audio.
    The video plays fine in VLC and SubtitleEdit.
    I even specifically selected the LAV filter for x265 on the preferred decoders screen in Win7DSFilterTweaker.
    I also rebooted after every change.
    Tomorrow if I have time I think I'll reset everything and see if the MS filters show on GraphStudioNext for an x265 video.

    Thanks for your input.
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  9. I think it now works.
    I reinstalled the LAV filters, which I think sneakers told me to do, and now my x265 video plays in SW.
    LAV video now shows up in GraphStudioNext when i drop an x265 video onto it.

    Thanks guys for all your help
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