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  1. Hello, i want to connect my pc having a GTX 660 with DVI-I to my TV's component input.
    Found this cable:

    Will this work? Anyone tried something like this on a GPU with DVI-I?
    I know DVI is digital, and Component is analog, but DVI I has both digital and analog.
    I think the GPU is sending out RGB signals over the DVI I port?
    Im living in EU/sweden if that matters any, TV is having an RGB port that works via VGA but on VGA its utterly crap image, cant adjust anyting, but component does.

    Thanks for help
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    I would say that you need an active converter, not a simple cable (gender changer).

    Reference here for a similar cable (note the warnings):

    And note that DVI-I is a digital output here:
    Google is your Friend
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  3. DVI-I has both digital and analog outputs. Normally, the analog output is VGA. But some graphics cards have the ability to output component instead. The scan frequencies may also have to match TV frequencies -- 720p or 1920i.
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