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  1. Ladies / Gents:

    I'm doing research at a public library and need to save off a few Youtube videos onto Wayback for preservation. Library's PC network is a joke - typical government run operation. Slow response times, variety of software playback issues, which make Wayback video playback useless.

    My Question: Can I be reasonably sure that I'm successfully saving off the Youtube video to Wayback if I simply bring up the video on Youtube directly, copy the URL, and save the URL off into Wayback as if it were a normal document (like a newspaper article)? I mean, is this 'too simple' method the proper way to do it, and is it a robust method?

    Any help appreciated.
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    are you using one of the library computers or your own ??
    some library computers are locked down for safety/security reasons.
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  3. Simple if your library computers are not locked down for security reasons, you can just do this:

    "Sites can also be captured on the fly by visitors who enter the site's URL into a search box." The site is the Wayback Machine website. In some countries it is illegal to do this so beware.
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  4. I'm using a library computer.

    It doesn't seem locked down, that is, i can view all the videos i want when going directly to youtube. It doesn't prevent me from pasting the youtube video URL into the Wayback "save page now" window either, and it does generate nicely the adjusted 'Wayback' URL.

    For example, when i save, it generates

    But after that, any attempt to browse the video on Wayback fails, probably due to the library central computer server being a Tandy TRS 80 (LOL!)

    Since Wayback successfully generates the enhanced URL, can i be reasonably certain its got my video saved?

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