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  1. From what i have read you cannot burn DVD+RW disc's on this one like the 540-H? I know that the 540 and 640 has this function: New Disc Navigation- Quick-View mode. When in the Disc Navigator, the thumbnail video plays short excerpts from throughout the selected title. It allows users to locate their desired recording more quickly and easily.

    Does the 630H has this function as well?
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  2. Pioneers fron DVR-x10, x20 and x30 series cannot use +R or +RW, only -R and -RW. Example: DVR-510, DVR-520, DVR-630. These are very old now: for +R +RW and RAM discs, you need the 540 or later models.

    All Pioneers from x30 series (2005) to x60 series (2008) have the same Navigator interface (i.e., 630, 540, 550, 660). Also the LX70 international models. The older DVRx10 and DVR-x20 have similar Navigator, but not as smooth or nice looking.

    Sony RDR-HXx50, x60, x70, x80 and x90 models use the same Navigator as Pioneer. There are small differences with the timer settings and a few other things, but even that is mostly the same as Pioneer. Examples: RDR-HX650, RDR-HX770, RDR-HX580, RDR-HX1090.

    The Sony x90 and Pioneer LX models add digital broadcast DVB-T tuners and FreeSat satellite tuners.
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  3. Which are the best Pioneers to buy? It doesn't matter if the price is high, i tried to check their website but they do not list all Dvr models.
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  4. Pioneer had financial collapse in 2008, after which the company was never the same again. They "lost" a lot of the info for their DVD recorders and other products that were suddenly discontinued. This created a big problem for Sony, since they were co-producing the RDR-HX design with Pioneer.

    The best Pioneers were the last two series: DVR-550 and 650 (2007) then DVR-560 and 660 (2008). These had HDMI connection for newer TVs, improved recording quality of encoder chip, SATA hard drives, but analog tuners. The LX series of 2008 added digital DVB-T tuning capability but was otherwise the same as a 660.

    The Pioneer 540-543-640 of 2006 had the same overall design as the later models, but they are not as well thought out. They had some minor firmware issues, they did not have HDMI connections, the encoder chip is a little soft, and the hard drives are the older EIDE type.

    The 430-530-630 of 2005 were made before the agreement between Sony and Pioneer happened, so these and all earlier Pioneers have completely different internals than later models. The Pioneer DVR-520, 920, 530 and 630 were among the most popular recorders ever sold in Europe, but they are older and repair parts are less available. The later Pioneers are more reliable, and share most internal parts with equivalent Sony models, so may be easier to get repaired.

    The Sony RDR-HXx70 units were twins to the Pioneer DVR-x40 series, the RDR-HXx80 are twins to the Pioneer DVR-x50 models, the RDR-HXx90 are similar to the Pioneer LX70 etc.
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  5. There is an auction with a 630 in Sweden it is up in 120dollars and the auction close at Sunday. It seems way too much money for this model. But it is great to see that they are valued. I hope i can get one cheap as i wrote in my other thread.
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