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    I have encountered a BD-Audio title (Patricia Barber Modern Cool) that appears to not have any "video" .. i.e. I see a black screen when it plays. With nothing on the screen, I would like to be able to catalog/access it as an album in my music jukebox (NMJ on a PCH) and not a movie. For titles like this I would like to convert the hi-res audio, DTS-HD MA on this disc, to FLAC and break it into an "album" of songs. I have looked at AudioMuxer as a tool that might do the conversion, but I haven't checked for a way to break a single audio track into songs. Does anybody have any experience to share on doing what I want to do?

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  2. How i would do this is to rip the disc in MakeMKV using the FLAC profile. Then load the resulting MKV in to Foobar2000, which should show all the chapters. Then select all the chapters, right click convert using FLAC and it should split it in to separate flac files.
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