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  1. Hi there,

    Tried downloading from Fedor with the following commands -

    "livestreamer "hlsvariant://

    "ffmpeg -i "

    But it will return "404 Error - Access Denied"

    Is it possible to download entire content from this streaming site? Sniffed the URL with a plug-in and it looks like the following upon hitting "Play" -

    Would Appreciate help from the wizards here, thanks a lot.
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  2. Use master.m3u8 instead of index_?_av.m3u8. Verified working.
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  3. Tried with "master" as you mentioned, but it still returns an access denied error. The URL is:

    It returns:

    Can you provide an example of how you are making it work?

    I am in the UK and use Fandor with a VPN service. Could that have anything to do with it?

    Let me know please, I would like to be able to download these movies if at all possible.
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