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  1. Hello, I am doing a presentation in my school about creating subtitles, I don't know too much about this but found it interesting. My question is if maybe exist a software that convert a normal text into subtitle format. With subtitle format I try to mean, the correct number of caracteres per line, adecuate continuity, punctuation, quotes....I am not interested in syncs for the moment.

    Don't take it too serious if I am talking nonsense, just a quick question from a newbie. Thanksss
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  2. Subtitle Edit can take a block of unformatted text and split it into short phrases, suitable for subtitles:
    [Attachment 41069 - Click to enlarge]

    Choose a split point, right-click, split at cursor position (break one subtitle event into two), repeat as needed.

    It can also auto-split: Tools menu, Split long lines.
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    The only other thing it can't do is put in time codes,you have to do that manually in the program.
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    AegiSub is another useful program (I use both programs regularly). You can define the margins, and the subtitles will automatically wrap into as many lines as necessary. You can also format the subtitles with fonts, colours, screen position, and transparency. In addition, it allows you to create special effects, such as moving subtitles, flying or spinning in and out, and animated changing from one size to another, just to name a few. Using keyboard shortcuts, it's quick and easy to insert new subtitles, as well as setting or changing the start and end times. And you can define or redefine your own keyboard shortcuts for functions that you use frequently.

    Click image for larger version

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  5. +1 AegiSub. Give it a try OP. Works like a charm.
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