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  1. First up: copy-of-a-copy, or worse. At minimum, it's 3rd generation. The signal is so marginal that playing it back through the DMR-ES25 multiple times results in different frames being recovered/corrupted each time.

    The HS-HD2000U has two S-Video outputs. The two files labelled "Play #1" were captured simultaneously from one playback of the tape, then "Play #2" another, etc.

    The samples are all encoded with Ut Video, except for the Digital8 which is DV direct-stream-copy.

    Later: more from this tape, another tape, and more devices.


    Panasonic DMR-ES25 has flashes of partial black fields. Caused by inconsistent VSYNC detection, I guess.
    So does DMR-ES15, albeit not on the exact same fields despite being fed "exactly the same" signal.

    Sony RGR-GX300 (a newcomer for me)
    - Horrible horizontal jitter with this tape, and in other parts there is crazy-bad flagging.

    HM-DH5U internal has flagging throughout most of the tape.
    HM-DH5U external has flagging too.
    When the HM-DH5U can't cope with VSYNC, it often takes one field and interpolates it to fill the frame. When it gives up, it drops to black. Ex: frames 52, 74, 125 of the external capture; f20, 52, 74 of the internal. See attached JPG.

    Sony DCR-TRV340
    + No flagging
    + No black flashes.
    - There is vertical jitter.
    - There are obvious DV compression issues at times, where the image breaks up into large blocky segments. These are mainly, but not exclusively, caused by recording stop-start and unrecorded portions. Weird glitch with Sony's encoder chip, or what? This artifact appears twice in Nth Gen clip 2.

    Philips DVDR3575H
    + No flagging.
    + No black flashes.
    - Horizontal correction in Nth Gen clip 1 is worse than DCR-TRV340.
    - Drops to blue-back when it decides the signal is too low.
    (Davideck, who I personally trust the most as a TBC sage, said that the 3575 beats the Toshiba RD-KX50, for whatever that's worth. He never tested the DMR-ES15.)

    Panasonic DMR-E20 is closer to DVDR3575H than it is to DMR-ES15 or 25? Gonna have to compare more in other scenes...
    - Color flicker in Nth Gen clip 2.

    XCard (direct from VCR)
    - Bad flagging throughout most of the tape.
    - One or more "inserted" frames every few seconds.
    - Horizontally unstable, throughout.
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  2. Of all the samples, the DCR-TRV340 seems to be the best. I have a DCR-TRV740. Never thought of using it as a pass through.
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  3. Thanks for the tip on using Digital 8 camcorders as a line TBC pass-thrus. It works amazingly good but I wonder if it'll create audio video sync issues like the ADVC300 because I remember this camcorder did cause some audio video sync issues on some 8mm tapes captured through the DV jack of the camcorder. Hence I switched to CCD-TRVs Hi8 camcorders.
    Image Attached Files
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  4. Thanks for posting the samples. Using Type-1 in WinDV fixed audio sync issues I had.
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  5. Thanks for the tip. I will use Type 1 for all my captures now.
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  6. Originally Posted by vaporeon800 View Post
    Later: more from this tape, another tape, and more devices.
    As promised, I've added another clip from this tape to post #1. Still more to come later. If you're interested in this comparison, add a comment so I know I should prioritize it.

    Screenshots of some Digital8 AVDV conversion artifacts:

    Interpolation of field to fill frame.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Digital8 interpolation - Nth Gen [Play #4] - DCR-TRV340.jpg
Views:	78
Size:	105.9 KB
ID:	41393

    Weirdness during recovery from unrecorded portion of tape (these are the separated fields). The green and magenta dots remind me of chroma siting diagrams.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Digital8 chroma dots, field 1 - Nth Gen [Play #4] - DCR-TRV340.png
Views:	726
Size:	4.3 KB
ID:	41394 Click image for larger version

Name:	Digital8 chroma dots, field 2 - Nth Gen [Play #4] - DCR-TRV340.png
Views:	756
Size:	4.5 KB
ID:	41395

    I measured the blocks in this frame as being 32x24. No idea what that corresponds to.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Digital8 32x24 block corruption - Nth Gen [Play #4] - DCR-TRV340.jpg
Views:	63
Size:	112.4 KB
ID:	41396
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  7. I found a big disadvantage using a camcorder as line TBC pass through. The RCA mini jack adapter produces a lot of background noise. Even though the picture quality is very good, the sound has noticeable background hiss.
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