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  1. What color is the recording layer? If anything other than silver, these NBA discs might have been mfrd via the Warner Archives "burn on demand" division. Such discs employ an arcane, not-quite-to-spec format (commercial pressed disc format on DVD-R) that gave the studios quite a headache in the beginning. Some of these are prone to premature deterioration or inherent original burning errors that can make backup extremely difficult.

    If the discs are indeed pressed instead of burned-on-demand, then you're likely dealing with an authoring flaw that may be impossible to back up. Many TV series sets have such flaws, and they're hell on wheels to back up. Sometimes the only option is an analog>digital copy of the problem areas, if the only device that will play the disc thru is a standalone player (and even then you may need to cobble bits and pieces together).
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    Well as I said even DVD players won't play some of the problem discs anymore.

    I've only found one disc so far that's bad on both copies. Others have a bad disc on the new but not the old, others on the old but not the new. It's all over the place. And they're all OOP now, and I only have one copy of a few of them. *sigh*
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