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  1. I canít find a GUI for MKVMerge in my recent MKVToolnix 9.9 installation. Thereís an MKVMerge.exe in the directory but it only opens a DOS window. I donít see any merge option in the main window of Toolnix. Where is the MKVMerge GUI?

    I have looked for it as a separate download but canít find it, only the full MKVToolnix.
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  2. mkvtoolnix-gui.exe is part of the MKVToolnix
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  3. "mkvmerge GUI" (mmg.exe) has been replaced by "MKVToolNix GUI" (mkvtoolnix-gui.exe) like teodz1984 said.
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  4. Originally Posted by sneaker View Post
    "mkvmerge GUI" (mmg.exe) has been replaced by "MKVToolNix GUI" (mkvtoolnix-gui.exe) like teodz1984 said.
    Thanks for the info. But when I try to use the MKVToolNix GUI to merge files, I add the first file, and then want to append more files, but APPEND is always greyed out. What do I do?
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  5. Oh, never mind. I just found out that you have to select the first file and then APPEND is not greyed out. Thanks for all replies.
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