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  1. Hi

    I've been sent some .mov files on an external HD, there are about 10 files in total, but I can only view 3 of them. Whenever I try to open the others in Quicktime, it tries to convert them but then I get a message saying that Quicktime can't open it.

    I've tried to open in VLC media player, where I can hear the audio, but no visual and get a popup message which says: "Codec not supported VLC could not decode the format "avlg" (No description for this codec)"

    I've googled "avlg codec" but can't seem to find anything for it.

    Has anybody heard of this codec? If so, do you know where I might be able to download it?

    As 3 of the files on the HD are accessible, could it be the other files are corrupt?

    I really appreciate any help or ideas anybody may have.

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