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    1. Go to the show you want to extract the subtitles from, pause it and press "F12" , it will open a window on the right side of you browser.
    2. Make sure to bo in the "Network" tab.
    3. Set "?o=" as filter.
    4. Select a language for the subtitles that is NOT the one you want to extract (for example here I want to extract italian subtitles, so i'm going to select english)
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    5. Reload the page
    6. press the clear button, the one circled in red.
    7. now chose the subtitle language you want to extract, note that as soon as you select it, a string that has "?o=" at the beginning, appears.
    8. Right click that string and open it in a new tab, it will download a file with no extension.
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    9. Drag the file on your desktop and rename it with the .xml extension
    10. open your xml with SubtitleEdit
    11. open this dropdown and go all the way up, chose "srt"
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    12. save the file and enjoy your subtitles
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    Thanks for your post, but this method does not seem to be working with all languages. I tried with French and English subtitles and it works great, but do you have any idea why it does not work with Arabic subtitles?
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