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  1. Hi cats,

    is it possibile that only AVFS serve in YUY2 .avi uncompressed? is there another programs that do it in this mode? thanks
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  2. No, for example 4:2:0 is frameserved as YV12. But for YUV422, it will use YUY2
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  3. ok but is there another program than avfs that serve .avs script as .avi YUY2?
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  4. maybe makeavis (ffdshow old versions) , maybe avs2avi-0.3 , I can't recall if YUY2 was supported. avfs is better alternative in terms of stability, compatibility. None of my newer computers have makeavis or avs2avi installed

    see post#4 for a mirror . You might need special install or modify inf for windows 7,8,10

    and check sourceforge for old ffdshow makeavis versions
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  5. ok but both makeavis and avs2avi have a proper fourcc, that is not a YUY2 fourcc. Possibly I need a virtual file that have YUY2 as fourcc

    AVS2AVI is good but it have "AVAV" as fourcc
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