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  1. Is this a good dvd-recorder for the price of around 25dollars? Does this recorder have the option like the Pioneer 540-H when you mark a recorded Tv-program then it plays a little preview of the video?
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  2. The Samsung dvd recorders are among the most problematic ever sold, nowhere near as solid as similar Pioneer, Panasonic, Sony or even Phillips. But for only $25, I'd certainly experiment with one- just don't count on it as your primary recorder.

    Not sure what you mean by "a little preview of the video"? If you're thinking of the Pioneer HDD navigation screen, which shows four smallish thumbnails at a time in a scrolling list with text names next to each thumbnail, and starts playing the video/audio in the thumbnail of whichever title you move the cursor onto (while the other three are static): no, the Samsung interface is not the same. Samsung uses the more common display of four scrolling text titles on the right, with a large thumbnail of only the currently highlighted title on the left. That large thumbnail changes as you scroll down the title list, but you can't view more than one thumbnail at a time. Not sure if Samsung's thumbnail offers a motion preview or not: I would guess yes, since most DVD/HDD recorders offer this. The instruction manual gives no indication the unit allows choosing a custom thumbnail for either the HDD recordings or finalized dvds: presumably,like a Phillips, it auto-selects one of the first frames from each recording as a thumbnail.

    If you prefer the familiar, customizable interface of your Pioneer 540, I'd suggest spending a little more and just buying another used Pioneer. Alternatively, look for a near-identical Sony RDR-HX680, 780 or 880 (between 2006-2008, Sony and Pioneer co-produced the same DVD/HDD recorder design that used the same interface). The Sony RDR-x70 and RDR-HXx90 also use the Pioneer 540 interface. Only significant difference between Sony and Pioneer is the Sony versions don't offer DVD-RAM recording. The final model series Pioneer 550 & 560, and Sony x80 & x90, include HDMI connection for HDTVs that was not available on the older Pioneer 540 series of 2006.

    Bear in mind all these units are now 7 to 10 years old or more: near their end-of-life. The hard drives can be replaced fairly easily, but it is now impossible to get worn out dvd drives replaced or repaired. Don't overpay for a used recorder, and make sure the seller lets you test it. Of course, if you only care about the HDD part of the recorder, a dying dvd drive won't bother you.
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  3. Thank you for your very detailed answer, that made my mind more clear. Yes i certainly want the interface when a video is played in a small picture window to the left in Pioneer, as you know my old one went broken so i can't check. But i remember it played the video as long as you had the video title marked, i really liked that function. I got one offer on a Pioneer DVR-940HX-S he wanted 1250kr which is in dollar 141,86. It was not used much.
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    FWIW Panasonic DVDRs('04 and on??) had the same preview thumbnail too and while maybe not as hard to find as old Pioneers, Panasonics are getting harder and harder to find.
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