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  1. I am using Sony Bravia LED tv model KLD-40EX650. When I try to play movie converted from MKV to MP4 by any tool provided by Video Help, I always get " Playback not available" after running for 30 t0 45 minutes. Please suggest me the solution for this problem.
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  2. 4 GB file size limit?
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  3. Its been my experience the past several years that Sony televisions simply have utterly abysmal USB media functionality. My older ones refuse to play almost any video files and are extremely picky about jpegs. The new 55 and 65 models purchased by friends of mine have an even more convoluted player interface, and an unpleasant tendency to corrupt flash drives (sometimes permanently).

    On average, even the best built-in TV players have mediocre functionality: they're for occasional use at best. If you expect to constantly play video files on your TV via USB, you'd be much happier buying an inexpensive separate media player device (or use the USB connection of your BluRay player, if you own one). Formatting videos specifically to accommodate one TV model is tedious and unnecessary: most cheap dedicated USB players are far more flexible. Even my seven year old LG BluRay player will handle 10x as many files as a new Sony Bravia.
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    Are you playing from a USB drive or over the network with DLNA?
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  5. I had experienced the same problem with my Sony Bravia TV & after multiple searches used this particular program to resolve the issue. tsMuxeR GUI 2.6.12(available on this site) then selecting M2TS muxing which in effect rectified the playback not available problem,however I would suggest you invest in a Raspberry Pi3 & ultimately install Kodi/OSMC(Linux)which effectively will play any media format via usb without the need for conversion re-encoding etc a great time saver,good luck!
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