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  1. Hey guys,

    Im new to this forum so be nice to me

    I have the following problem. I have many video files like 500 (Mp4) and a specific audio track (wav).

    Now i want all video files to have that audio track. I have several programs where i can do this one by one, but this would take years.

    So is there a solution to batch encode this ? Video must be direct stream copy, audio encode is not so important.

    I researched alot for a solution but wasnt able to find one.

    Would be really great if anyone could help me here!

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  2. I'd first encode audio to aac. Then I'd backup all mp4 files!

    for %%a in (*.mp4) do mp4box -add "audio.m4a" "%%a"

    Or something like:
    for %%a in (*.mp4) do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -i "audio.m4a" -map 0 -map 1 -c copy "output\%%a"
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  3. Thanks so far that sounds "relatively" easy

    But i never had to do with any script encoding, so if you could give me a few more hints on how to do it or which tutorial to read that would be really great!

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  4. First you need the used programs. mp4box.exe or ffmpeg.exe. Both can be downloaded here on videohelp. Put them in the folder you have the mp4 files in (or into %PATH%). Then create a text file in notepad and copy one of the two lines I gave as examples in there. If you add a new line at the end with "PAUSE" it will not close after finishing so you have time to read any errors messages (it's also possible to let it write a log file). Save it as "whatever.bat". Double-click "whatever.bat" and it should do its work.

    (Instead of a batch file you can also enter things directly on the command-line, then use %a instead of %%a.)
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  5. Fantastic that already worked. Thanks alot!

    But there are two problems.

    1: The vids already have a crappy audio track and this way the track is added as a second track.
    2: The music is longer than the vid, and doing this script extends the video to song lenght

    Do you have solutions for that ? i want the old audio replaced and the song cut to the video lenght

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  6. This will work if your audio is longer than the video:
    for %%a in (*.mp4) do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -i "audio.m4a" -map 0:v -map 1:a -c copy -shortest "output\%%a"
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  7. Oh well, there is just one question left.

    Where should i put the statue i build in your image ? You dont know for how many years i though this must be possible but did not find a solution.....

    Thanks a million dude ... really!

    I dont even know what to do with all the time i have now? that i dont have to do one by one with 10 click for each file

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