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  1. Hi everyone,

    i have a problem. Want to download some video(s) from one site which is using flowplayer and rtmp for streaming. I have tryed with Internet download manager, rtmpdump helper and many other tools .. and most of this softwares works, mp4 or flv video is on my disk after few minutes, but problem is that some parts of that video is freezing, like cca 3% of the video have lost some frames.. the rest of the video is fine. I have tryed several times and always different part of the video have that problem, and size of the video (talking about Mb) is always different - one time is 355.45 mb, the other time is 346.20 mb and so on.... Is there any soultion to download entire video??

    thanx for help
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  2. Ok i found where was a problem, sounds weird but my internet connection was too slow. All this problems above happened on my 4 Mbps adsl speed connection, then i tryed everything with my 225 Mbps LTE connection + Internet download manager - and with this combination i download my videos without loss of ANY frame, just wow!
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