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  1. Hi, I'm trying to make some small and easy filters for VirtualDub but I'm not finding any documentation on how to compile .vdf files nor which language should I use, etc.

    I've got experience programming a few languages, Java, PHP, JavaScipt, a bit of ActionScript and maybe a few other things for smaller projects, but trying to look at a Source Code of a filter I found on the internet was a bit of a mess, specially since it's been a while since the last time I've been programming.

    Any help, explanations, links to documentations or sample codes would be great !
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  2. If you want to get started, get the plugin sdk:
    Also find emilliano ferrari filters pack source, these filters are very simple (good for beginner).
    Btw language is c++.
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  3. Thanks ! Found the SDK shortly after posting but guessed people would answer more if I didn't say it haha.

    Either way thanks for the suggestion, I'm going to look at those filters, since I've never done C++ looking at same easy samples will fasten a lot the learning. Hope this be enough
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