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  1. Hi all,
    As a PotPlayer user of many years, in recent versions the behavior when playing audio has me confused.
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    When I open an audio file, the player always open in a tiny mode.
    The worst part for me is that it doesn't show the file's duration (I'd like to know that I'm at 1:03 out of 3:59).

    I took a thorough look through the settings menu, particularly Playback, but did not find a way to change that.
    What am I missing? How can I configure the default?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts!
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  2. No Problem Here. Playing on default mode
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  3. That's what mine used to look like.
    I want it back.

    What do you mean by Default mode? Is there a place where that is set, and where I might have messed it up?
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  4. Preferences or [F5]
    Window Size
    Default Size
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  5. Thank you Teo.
    That's how my options are already set.
    After "Default Size", in the size boxes, I have 320 x 240.
    Just in case, I changed those values by selecting "Custom", entering 1000x500, applying and selecting Default again.
    But the player still opens in "tiny mode" for audio files.
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  6. Coming back two months later to share that it's fixed!
    How? Totally basic but I had missed that. In that small mode, at the bottom right, before the x button, there is a 'window' icon that takes you back to Default Mode.

    From Default Mode, you can go back to Mini Mode by clicking the 'window' icon at the top right just before the x button.
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