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  1. Can somebody help with my captured video.

    I'm trying to capture gameplay from the ePSXe emulator and I always get black flickering frames(attached video below). It doesn't matter what codec I use in Afterburner, or what game I play in ePSXe.
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  2. Last time I checked, Afterburner did not sync to the GPU's framerate, it simply captured every x milliseconds.
    It's catching the video "between frames." Try a different capture tool.

    I would suggest Fraps or OBS, both known to work. (ePSXe + OBS how-to:
    Dxtory or Action might work as well, but Shadowplay probably won't, for the same reason as Afterburner (unless it's been fixed recently)
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  3. i like that afterburner gives you the ability to select an external codec. right now, i'm into using utvideo rgb.
    obs has a built in version of utvideo but i think it's outdated, and everything is converted to 420 last time i checked.
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