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  1. Im animating in a 3d program and I would like to achieve that effect, its an useful idea to give the illusion of a big distance being travelled without actually moving the character or having to bother creating an huge 3d scenario to make the character fly across it very fast.

    I just need to know how to achieve that from a picture, then use the colors of the picture to create that moving effect so I can loop it and use it accordingly. The idea is to create loopable backgrounds that simulate movement from a static picture or short sequence.. but again its 3d animation, i cant draw.

    The 3d program is very basic, you can't do this, so i'll need to make it in Vegas or something.
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  2. I don't use Vegas so I can't give you instructions specific to that. But the general idea is to use a large background image and pan over it, then overlay your foreground. For example, here's a large background image:

    [Attachment 40750 - Click to enlarge]

    Here's how frames are panned over it (at 4 fps so you can see what's going on):

    [Attachment 40751 - Click to enlarge]

    and the final result at 23.976 fps:

    [Attachment 40752 - Click to enlarge]

    Repeat the sequence as many times as needed. Then overlay your foreground character.
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  3. In vegas , you keyframe the x position of the background layer (animate the layer horizontally) . You can apply a horizontal blur to the background image to get similar in characteristics to the cartoon background

    If the motion is not horizontal (e.g. let's say your character is flying up at an angle), you wiould change the direction of the movement and blur to match
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