I have an add-on on my Mozilla browser on each machine... "Video Downloader Professional". It allows you to download and store on your hard drive videos that are playing. It works with a variety of websites.

Over the last week or so, it stopped working on my laptop. On the upper right hand corner of the tab bar, a green arrow will appear when a video is playing. (Otherwise, it's a black and white film reel.) Click on the arrow, and a menu appears under the arrow that lets you choose what format you want to download the video in.

That menu only begins to appear now. The very top of it is there, but not the rest with the list.

The thought occurred that maybe the app isn't being supported any more, but the problem wasn't happening on my main computer. Just the laptop. Then, yesterday, I was using another machine I keep on a small desk in my bedroom, and it also had the problem. VDP wasn't working there either, same symptoms as on the laptop.

I don't know what to make of it.

Does anyone else here use that Mozilla add-on, and if so have you noticed any problem with it lately?

Thank you.

aTubeCatcher, by the way, is still working on both machines, so they can download videos. It's just the one app that's not working.