Hi guys.

I have a production company that does video/photo. We are thinking of getting into offering live streaming also so I was looking into the equipment required to get setup.
As I am new to all this I would appreciate some advice from someone who knows about it.

The setup will involve 3 cameras (2 x sony a6000's + 1 x Sony A7sii)

I was going to get 3 HDMI to SDI boxes and then run SDI cables from the cameras to the Blackmagic Designs ATEM Television studio HD. This is the new TV studio so no longer has a h.264 converter.

So to get that to the computer I was looking at the Blackmagic Design H264 Pro Recorder. Then I'm hoping that OBS or Wirecast or similar software can detect the h.264 signal and use that for streaming.

I am torn between that and either the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder or the Blackmagic Web presenter.

The ultrastudio mini can only take maximum input of 1080i @ 60fps and the WEb presenter downconverts everything to 720p.
I though the h.264 pro would be better because it could handle the full 1080p 60fps signal from the Tv Studio box.

For a streaming situation though for live shows etc, would it be better to downconvert everything to 720p?
The reason I want the conversion to be done on hardware is I haven't yet got a laptop to be the mobile pc interface so I was hoping if I can do all the heavy lifting with external units that I can save money on the laptop and not need to get a beast to handle conversions.

I could have the SDI out from the TV studio looping through a hyperdeck shuttle or some designated recorder to record the broadcast onto harddrive at 1080p for archiving later and then out of that to the Web presenter to downconvert to 720p for streaming?

So what would you guys recommend for a basic system for livestreaming events, gigs, sports events etc.?
Is h.264 a good format to work with to stream or would something else be better?