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  1. Hi all,

    First I want to present me Im Christoph and new here and I am looking for answers for my father who is a pasionated Video-Encoder. He films everything and since 2 years he has his 4K Sony Camcorder and the Encoding takes forever.

    I recommended him back then a 960GTX for NVENC encoding and he is also using it a lot.

    H264 is working and the framerates are okay. Now I have some questions because when I read the speeds some people and also Nvidia in their PDF post online, my father has worse results.

    On H264 4K he doesnt even get realtime. My 970GTX in the Geforce experience gives me the option 4K @60FPS Streaming -> So therefore I guess that this should also be possible for encoding - right?

    The dream is of course Encoding in H265 and 4K, but I think that is not possible with the Maxwells. Pascal has the power?

    So my questions is: What is the best tool for encoding in 4K H264 and H265 with the less possible loss of performance. Dont get it why Nvidia does nothing by itself.... The Command Line Version is just no option for may of us

    Thank you very much for your help

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    There are a few GUI converters which can use NVEncC as background encoder. Selur's Hybrid is one of them, another is StaxRip x64.

    Performance is all a matter of NVEncC using the chipset of your graphic card. The GUI's of the converter applications are almost idle while the encoder does all the work.
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  3. Hi Thank you for your recommendations. Downloading right now and will check them. I know that the GUI does not eat performance. But now my father uses some tools (i think one is nero) and they promise NVENC Support but the speed is to slow if i compare it to other benchmarks. And he has 6 core and SSD
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