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  1. Dear forum members
    Please may I request some help or advice, being a novice.
    I have created some subtitles using handbrake in an SRT file and, using handbrake, have embedded them to the mp4 video file using Handbrake so that now these subtitles can be turned on or off when played in VLC. This worked perfectly
    I have then attempted to "burn in" the subtitles using handbrake so that they are "permanent".
    However having done this I am finding a fault. Some characters of the text are missing.
    For example in some lines of the text the last character is omitted. eg a full stop is missing , or the last letter of the line of text
    Please can anyone advise what I am doing wrong or what I might do to correct the matter.
    Best wishes, Ian
    ian c
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  2. First step would be to ensure that the character encoding of he subtitles are the same as those chosen in HandBrake

    Click image for larger version

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  3. Dear Videobruger
    Thank you for the trouble in replying to my query.
    I have to report that I later tried to do the job using VLC after consulting a "how to" video on youtube. Thankfully it worked beautifully.
    When I have done hard coding of subtitles previously with handbrake the resultant text is a little bit "blurred".
    Best wishes, Ian
    ian c
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