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  1. 1) we had our super 8 films copied onto DVD...but they're silent. I'd love to add the narration from my parents as they watch the films so 100 years from now people know who they're looking at. How can I copy and add narration? Shareware, cheap ware, imovie?

    2) at the same time as I'm making these new copies, is it possible to "pause" the copying to add a label over someone's head in the film to identify them visually also?

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  2. 1. Record the narration. Demux the DVD to just the video and chapters, if any (PGCDemux). Reauthor the DVD with the video, new audio (which must be DVD compliant, AC3 is probably best) and chapters (if any) using Muxman. Burn to disc (ImgBurn).

    2. Adding a label to the video will require reencoding at least that part and then later reintegrating that with the rest. Difficult for a beginner. Better and easier might be to create subtitles for the 'labels'.

    Every program mentioned is free. How you record the narration is up to you.
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