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  1. Using miniature paint brushes. They are soft and silky, gentle on the heads. Much better option than Q-tips. Paper is not an option for most cameras as it is hard to access the heads.
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    Glad it works for you, but neither Q-tips nor paintbrushes are a good idea for cleaning video heads. The last thing you want is to leave bristles or fibers down there. Chamois swabs are safe, maneuverable, and easily obtained from Amazon etc.

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  3. I'll give them a try. Are they washable and reusable?
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  4. Just got this in the mail. First impression is it is very stiff and the chamois layer is very thin. Since I can only use the tip of the chamois swab to clean the video heads, there is a fear of pushing the heads in since the force on such a small area is high. I just have to be very gentle and careful.
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