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    I use Red SmartLav + with my cell phone and find it difficult to edit sound with the video in Filmora 8.
    Spend a lot of time to get lipsync as good as possible...

    Any suggestions on how I can do this in the best possible way?
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    Just a remark regarding sync - when I use my older computer playing videos, it already makes a difference if I do full screen or just a frame. Full screen it becomes seriously out of sync - same video.

    So player and the power of that computer also makes a difference.

    The computer I edit video on is not online, but probably less difference since powerful machine in comparison.

    But things that may relate to your issue is what soundcard and drivers you have used, it's about latency for playback.
    Usb soundcard usually have more latency, and DirectSound is worse than ASIO etc.
    Some editors let select soundcard settings, and some relie on OS settings in Windows etc.

    In some players for DVD and such I have a setting to adjust delay of sound compared to video to sync on LCD monitors.
    That is yet a source for issue. Zero to 40ms is setting on one, so high latency soundcard with 10ms or more could make a difference. I certainly notice difference of 10 ms when changing in steps of 10.
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  3. Cell phone videos are usually VFR (variable frame rate) . Almost impossible to edit and keep in sync in most programs unless you convert it to CFR (constant frame rate) first
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