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  1. Can you give me the basics of how to simulate multi-cam in the basic version?
    I add my two video files to the workspace. Then I drag both to the timeline below.
    But now I have 2 audio tracks. How can I delete one of them? (One is much better, and it will be the entire soundtrack)
    Please tell me exactly what to click and press.

    Do I then turn off AutoRipple? I can use split to delete and create a gap, correct?
    When the upper video has a gap, the lower video will be shown, right?
    After I cut the gaps in the top video, I can then just render the new video?
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  2. Right-click on the track header and select delete.

    Ctrl-L to turn off/on auto-ripple (it toggles). You can also modify the toolbar to add an icon that will let you do it.

    You can split any event. Then grab an event to move it to the right. This will cause a gap to appear to the left of the event. If you want all events to the right of the event you just moved to also move by the same amount, press F.

    For video, each upper track "covers" the lower track. If you change the opacity of the video on the upper track (you drag the opacity down from the top of the event), you will then mix the video of the upper track with the video on the lower track. If you have more than two tracks, you can do this with other tracks as well.

    To do multi-cam without a multi-cam version of Vegas, just delete the event on the upper track in order to "switch" to the camera on the lower track.
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  3. Also, what's the easiest way to SYNCH up the 2 tracks?

    They are filmed of the same event, but one starts a few seconds after the other.

    I need to stagger them, so they are on exactly the same time in the timeline.
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  4. I don't think I want to grab and move anything. Then they would be out of time with the audio, and each other.
    Isn't that the point of multi-cam? Each video is locked into the same timeline, or whatever the terminology is..

    If I have 2 films of a band playing a song, they 2 videos need to start at exactly the same time.
    Or if they are not perfectly in synch, then one needs to start later than the other.

    Then when I cut a gap into the top one, I would not move it at all.
    I just cut a gap, and leave the video in the exact same location, so they are perfectly synch'ed when the 2nd video now shows.

    Isn't that the basic idea of how you'd want to do it? Sliding stuff around makes no sense to me.
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  5. You asked about moving an event to create a gap. I was simply answering the question you asked.

    To sync to videos, use the waveforms on the sound track.

    If you need to do a lot of multi-cam editing, buy PluralEyes. It will sync multiple video (and audio) tracks in a few minutes, automatically. I did a four-camera wedding shoot, plus an audio recorder on the soundboard, and it synced up everything perfectly.
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  6. I will try the multi-cam this weekend.

    In the meantime, I have gotten very fast with using
    S and J/K/L and Alt+[ to quickly edit and discard footage (without using the mouse)
    I can now edit faster than real time for the (start/stop) sports footage I am capturing.

    Thanks for getting me on this path!
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  7. I have a video that I have split up. There are like a dozen splits.

    I applied the pan/crop effect, but it only applied to the first split segment.
    There is a little green pan/crop icon in the segment timeline.
    I tried to right click -> Delete, but there is no such option.
    If I click it, the pan/crop window opens, but the "delete" is disabled.


    1) How do I delete this effect?
    2) How do I then apply pan/crop to all split segments at once?
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  8. You delete the fX by clicking on the button you highlighted.

    To apply the same pan/crop to multiple events:

    1. Select the event that has the pan/crop you want to use.
    2. Select Copy.
    3. Select ALL the events to which you want to copy this pan/crop (you can click on the first event, press and hold the shift key, and then click on the last event; all events in between will be selected).
    4. Right click over any selected event and select "Paste Attributes." Do NOT select Paste.
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    Originally Posted by johnmeyer View Post
    You delete the fX by clicking on the button you highlighted.
    As he said, the delete button is greyed out (disabled) for the Pan/Crop effect. Maybe that's not the case in Pro, but it is true in Movie Studio Platinum.

    To reset the Pan/Crop for the selected event, I click on the preset box and select (Default).

    Note: If you've created any keyframes in the Pan/Crop window, you'll need to delete those first before resetting the preset.

    Click image for larger version

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  10. Yes, that's the way to reset pan/crop. I didn't realize that's what he was asking.
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  11. Member awgie's Avatar
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    FWIW, I try to apply Pan/Crop before doing any splitting, if possible. That way it is already applied to all the segments after the splitting.
    Do or do not. There is no "try." - Yoda
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  12. I've learned you can NOT delete Pan/Crop.
    That is mandatory, so if you change it, you can only restore it back to default.
    You can not delete Pan/crop.
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