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    Hi Y'all,
    so I'm backing up my DVD collection after my child has turned some into lovely coasters. That being said I am having some issues with avatar I am using handbrake and WinXDVD for when one doesn't work I use the other. So I have the 3 disc set now I am able to rip part 2 just fine but no mater how I rip part 1 and no matter what app I'm using the last chapter doesn't rip! Is there something I'm missing? I thought maybe the DVD was messed up but it works fine. Fyi I get the result using both apps or ripping the extended cut or regular version it still ends somewhere between the 16th and 17th chapter and there's 19 any thoughts?

    2nd, how do I make them one dvd instead of 2

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    Rip each disc to the hard drive using MakeMKV. This will give you the main movie in MKV format from each disc.

    Then use MKVToolnix to combine the two MKV files. Import the first disc MKV, then right click on it within MKVToolnix and choose Append to add the second MKV file. Output will be one joined MKV file that isn't compressed.

    If you want to compress it to a smaller size, use Handbrake to make a new, smaller MKV or MP4 file. If you want a DVD-video output, import the combined MKV file into AVStoDVD, though quality may suffer if you try to make a DVD that will fit onto a single layer DVD.
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