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  1. LZAA,

    Thank you for making Apollo's Daring Mission available!

    Please tell how you were able to do this?
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  2. Use URL m3u8 playlist.
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  3. I am a fan of TVDownloader application, but v1.18.2 has recently stopped working on my windows 7 desktop PC. I don't know if this was due to a bunch of windows updates: KB4474419, KB954430, KB973688, KB4507420, KB4490628, KB4507449, or Firefox installation, but i now get an error message when I press Download Video
    [Attachment 49737 - Click to enlarge]

    Can anyone advise a solution?
    (I have mshta.exe in system32 and I've already tried the registry fix to help ensure hta files can be open)
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  4. Hi eplorr, Is it possible you could allow downloading from the WWE Network? There is other software that can
    but it would be great if you could code your version of youtube-DL for the site

    Last edited by blade2005; 11th Aug 2019 at 06:28.
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  5. Is it possible to download the already named file? I download several files at a time and renaming them after downloading is complicated. So, how do I download the file already named?
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