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  1. Hello everyone I have an issue I am trying to create a replay system of sorts for my judging panel at my cheerleading competitions. I come out of my camera Sony HDR FX7 hdmi to the capture device to my computer. I created a workgroup so that after I capture a routine it saves into a shared folder so my head judge can review after they finish if there are any scoring issues. My issue is I also need a way to give my judging panel a delay of the footage on their computers and the ability to be able to spin back live all while still recording the info the camera is shooting. Ive asked so many people and no one seems to know any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Assuming you have only 1 feed per "system" (need more feeds, get more systems), and with that feed you have a playback system whose sustainable average maximum seek time is less than 1/2 the running maximum recording bitrate (thus never overruns the buffer), and you have an app and subsystem that supports "read while writing", many setups should be able to do this.
    Heck, a cable/sat dvr can do that and we use mine at home like that all the time.

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  3. The problem with the dvr let's say a TiVo and to be honest that's what I use now. The video quality is terrible (rca) and they constantly go down they are so old. Do you have a specific dvr or software in mind that I could keep decent video quality and more importantly a dvr I can still buy and that will hold up for me. Thanks
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