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  1. SOLVED!! Well not the original question, but the reason for it. The Mac version of HandBrake, Mac The Ripper and Fairmount were all having a really tough time decrypting a disk in my collection ("The Animatrix" - kept loosing titles 4 and 6). Well it turns out that a side-version of HandBrake on Linux can do it just fine, and has also worked on a couple of other problem-disks. The only thing to play with is to switch between dvdnav and libdvdread under advanced preferences. Another was the original "Paranormal Activity". Worked GREAT!!

    If you have linux, you can install it in Terminal thusly:

    sudo apt-get purge handbrake # remove any old versions
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install handbrake-gtk

    Also, for disks that have divided titles (Like "Bridge on the River Kwai"), you can rip both titles and then combine them in DVision-3 (OSX) and in that case, the TimeCode doesn't matter, since it is intended to be watched in this way and the codes actually work.


    Am converting my sizable DVD collection to MP4 and have run into a few bad apples that have been a pain. Mostly this involves having to merge VOB-files together. The only problem is that the TimeCodes are messed up then.

    Mpeg Streamclip can fix that, but will not allow me to save without going to a new format (and borking my AC3 5.1 with it).

    Is there any app that can fix a VOB and Keep it as a VOB? I have access to Mac, PC and Linux.

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