I've been using the built-in Vegas 13 one for a while but after getting odd and horrible results on an indoor scene, I decided to try to search for an alternative. I found this one online from some CC/Vegas forum threads and decided to get the trial: http://www.fbmn-software.com/en/white-balance.html

So far, so good, but I need some guidance here. Is this the best one to get and should I put my money down on it after the trial, or is there an even better plugin alternative? I'm doing color correcting in Vegas and would rather stay in there, I'm fixing luminance and levels in there and then when I'm all done I drop down the white balance. I'm using avisynth for QTGMC afterwards and tried out ColorYUV(autowhite=true) in there too and it ended up being terrible, so I'm sticking with Vegas for that. And I'd rather do a 1-click solution with the eye-drop tool that looks great rather than try to maneuver around the secondary color corrector, color corrector and all that for the white balance bit, because I have no idea what I'm doing in those tools in regards to white balance.

So, is this the one to stick with or is there something even better? Thanks.