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  1. Hi, I just picked up a used Liteon LVW-5006 and when I try and finalize the disc it shows a "pad-lock" and won't let me finalize it. This DVD disc works fine (will finalize) on my other DVD recorder. Any help on how to get this liteon to finalize a disc would be appreciated.
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  2. Hi orr4sale,

    A open padlock symbol on a Liteon means it's not finalized, a closed/locked padlock means it's already finalized.

    Only DVD+R/RW can be used for recording with the 5006.

    You also do not need to (and cannot) finalize +RWs with this model to make them compatible in other models, only the +Rs.

    If you try to finalize a +RW, it will ask you to change disk.

    Other brands of dvd recorders, specifically the ones that can use -RWs, do need to be finalized in that particular model to make them compatible with other players (or recorders) for playback.

    Hope this helps
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  3. I just looked at the 5006 manual and I noticed that it's a "AllWrite" recorder that can record on both -R/RWs and +R/RWs dvds. A DVD-RW recorded in the 5006 will need to be finalized to make it compatible to other players but not the DVD+RWs.

    You do not need to finalize +RWs, you need to finalize +Rs, also -Rs and -RWs to make them compatible in other players.

    You might not be able to finalize dvds recorded in other recorders, that's more of a hit-and-miss area, might work with some models and not with others.
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  4. OK, Thank You. David
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