I have downloaded bunch of Karaoke on my PC local drives and I have prepared an Excel to hold all the favorite Karaoke so when in the party one can just open the Excel and click at the particular Karaoke and let it play.

I have a Window 7 PC with Excel.

I use the function below :-

=HYPERLINK(C2,B2) on the Excel which says => please open the hyperlink of the full path stated in cell C2( which is a video file like MP4, FLV, etc.) and display a friendly song title hand input in cell B2.

It opens up if I were to set the Windows Media Player as default. But this player does not seem to support left/right channel switch so I decided to stick on to the Qonoha vedeop player which has been set as my default video player.

The problem is it does not work with Qonoha video player.

Anyone has any hint on why and how to make it work ?

On the other hand, if I need to give up on Qonoha kindly suggest any good free video player I can download which allows me to switch and select right/left channel as some Karaoke tracks would need that.

Appreciate some lights and hints and answers.

Thank you very much.