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  1. Dear forum members

    I have downloaded a video from the following url:

    In regard to other videos previously downloaded from this website I have been able to make them "hard" or permanant using Handbrake - just by loading the file and in the subtitle tab selecting the "burn" option before processing

    However with the video above, I find handbrake fails to do the job with the subtitles.

    Please can anyone kindly advise what may be the problem and if possible whether there is a solution suggested.

    Thanks and best wishes
    ian c
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    I downloaded the latest 32 bit 1.0.2(2017012200) and it worked fine. I noticed it selected Forced and grayed it out as well as burnin but the subs
    appear to be fine and hardcoded in the result.
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  3. Dear Sir (Budman)
    Thank you for your kind effort and reply.
    Following your advice I downloaded and installed the latest version. I am happy to report that it did work !

    For some reason the earlier version, which had been working previously with videos from this website, was no longer doing the job.

    I am not sure why this is. However I am pleased to advise of the happy outcome: Thank you once again
    ian c
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