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  1. Hi, new to the forum. My trusty Phillips DVD player finally gave up the ghost this week and left me looking for a replacement. As I've increasingly got into streaming my movies and to via Amazon and Netflix I decided there was no point shelling out a fortune for a fancy new player with all the bells and whistles. However, I have managed to amass more than a few Region 1 discs over the years which I have so far resisted punting on eBay. I bought a cheapie Technika TKHVD216 from Tesco today as it offered a fairly decent range of features for a mere 25. However so far a search of the internet has failed to turn up a software hack to turn it into a multi region machine. I did find a hack for the earlier TKHVD214 which did get me as far as a menu screen showing the region code but I am unable to scroll down the page to change the region setting. Has anyone on the forum come across a reliable hack for this player?

    Any replies greatly appreciated.
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    not all dvd/bluray players can bee made region free.
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  3. Originally Posted by october262 View Post
    not all dvd/bluray players can bee made region free.

    I know but the Technika brand has generally been one that is known for being able to be unlocked via a simple remote code and the previous model to this was like that so it would be reasonable to assume that it might be possible. Thanks for replying to my question though.
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