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  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm an owner of a Panasonic DMR-EX77 (a little old machine, I know). Searching in this web I've found the thread that shows how to hack it, so I've bought a OFA URC 7980 remote and programmed it (I have to use two multipuropose keys, A and B, because keys 1 and 4 aren't able to send the macro to the DMR EX-77 (I don't know the reason, if I send the macro to my TV, it works...).

    I'm not able to hack the machine, the instructions are very bare and I don't know when I turn on the player which menu should I have to set (HDD, DVD, SD or setup...). If I do the procedure on HDD menu, DVD menu or SD menu the DVD player tries to search the number of television channel all the time with no results. If I try to do this on setup menu, simply doesn't work.

    Can anybody helps me?

    Many thanks and excuse me if you read something "strange", I'm no English native speaker.
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    Sorry but most of those hacks that involve an aftermarket remote are complete bullsh|t.
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  3. Originally Posted by october262 View Post
    All that I've explained is after reading the hacking thread you are mentioning...If is there someone here that had hacked this machine time ago and would be so kind to explain to me the details of the procedure. My doubt is the screen that I've to set to send the codes.

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