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    Hi i have a 49K6965 Samsung Curved LED TV.
    When i play video with subtitle the word in arabic, showing in reverse order.
    For example:
    Original Word is: "سلام"
    But it's showed in: "مالس"

    How i can fix it?
    The subtitle file is saved in Unicode and ANSI and Unicode UTF-8, but the problem is still here.
    The setting of subtitle in Samsung LED TV is on ARABIC.

    Please help me as soon as possible.
    Thank you.
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  2. Samsung TV and media with Arabic subtitle
    If you are having Samsung TV that supports playing media, and you have movie with Arabic subtitle you can't see correctly; follow the following steps:

    First change the TV language to Arabic so wordings can start appearing from right to left, using the following steps:

    On the remote, click "Menu" button.
    Click down till you reach "Setup" menu, click "Enter" (Button with box and input arrow in the remote) to enter this menu item.
    Select "Language", and click "Arabic" or "العربية", you will recognize the setup menu is showing now from right not left.

    Second while playing the movie, you need to select "Arabic" encoding, using the following steps:

    After clicking "Media.P" button, select "Movie" or "الفيديو".
    Navigate to select a movie you would like to play (I'm assuming you have already srt file with the same movie name but with .srt extension).
    Play the movie, and click "Tools" button on remote.
    Navigate down till you reach "Subtitle setting" or "اعداد الترجمة", and click "Enter" (Button with box and input arrow in the remote).
    Navigate down to "Encoding" or "ترميز" , and click "Enter" (Button with box and input arrow in the remote).
    Select "Arabic" or "العربية".

    Now you will be able to view Arabic sub-title on your Samsung TV.

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