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  1. Im trying to split up a 24h livestream into 1h pieces, and I got a couple of programs that let me do that. (MPEG Streamclip, Smart cutter)
    After cutting the video up, all the 1h videos looks really good when watched in vlc or windows 10's "movies and tv" program. The problem is that only half the audio gets imported in premiere pro.

    This happens to every single file. I've tried to rename the files to .mov or .mp4, but then Im not even able to import them and i get the error: "Unsuported format or damaged file".

    I have no idea why this happens. Does someone have any solution to this? I am open for everything. Even using another program to split the files.

    btw: When i use MPEG Streamclip, im not exporting the video, im using "save as", since every single "export" option gives me the error: "Can't read the frame size".
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