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  1. I'm going to capture some VCR video to my computer to convert to a DVD.

    When you convert a VCR video to DVD format, I assume it converts the VCR video into 720 by 480. However, I don't think the original quality of the video is truly increased.

    So with all the advancements in software that has been made over the years, is there anything that will truly increase the quality of a VCR video to DVD 720 by 480 or even higher especially if you could play your video on 40 or 60 inch screens through a flash drive since many TV monitors will play back different video formatted files from a USB connected flash drive.
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  2. No, There is nothing out there that will make that VHS video HD, Avisynth can be used to improve quality but it will never be HD. DVD isn't even HD. Good luck to you.
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    You can upscale the VHS capture to HD no problem with something like nnedi3_rpow2() for high quality upscaling. Will extra detail be added, no it's just a good upscaler. While you capture VHS at the same resolution as DVD (720x480) it's still certainly below DVD quality. With its very low chroma bandwidth, and the medium itself being very noisy.

    Maybe you can talk about your VHS capture set up.
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  4. The other thing that VHS generally benefits from is deinterlacing with a quality tool like QTGMC especially if you keep all the frames.
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