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    Hello Team Member,

    I Have a a.m3u8 file

    it Play on VLC Media Player

    I tried to Download With VLC

    VLC Download It on 720p

    But I need only 360P

    How I can Download or Convert in mp4 format with Desired Quality

    I Just Attached that a.m3u8 File in Zip

    For offline View
    Image Attached Files
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  2. See the 'serveFlavor/entryId/0_qmiz7xv3/' part of the address below? This tells player the video size.

    Try pasting the full address above into VLC and see what you get.
    This info is extracted from inside your 'a.m3u8' file.
    Open it in a text editor to see full entry.
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  3. Open your m3u8 file with WordPad and remove the 720p section.

    Remove the last two lines. Or, if you want the lowest bandwidth stream, remove the last four lines. Or do as transporter fan suggest, copy the wanted https link from the m3u8 file to VLC.
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    I found a Software called m3u8x

    its Working Fine,
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  5. I have researched M3U8 files for a long time and gotten my own solutions recently. Hope it will not be late for some who still need it. There is no good tool to handle it with no problem. We can use VLC media player to deal with it in a stable network but with great patience. I tried a lot of times to download them or stream them and finally succeeded with VLC media player one time. However, there are pros and cons of converting M3U8 files with VLC. You can see them below and have a preparation of using VLC media player.


    It is free and easy to use.
    Play M3U8 files successfully.
    Download M3U8 files online with zero trouble.
    Convert M3U8 to MP4, MP3, ASF, OGG, FLAC, WebM and so on.

    Only convert M3U8 files to several VLC supported formats.
    Fail to play M3U8 files on any devices freely.
    Converted files cannot be played on many devices sometimes.
    Require a stable network and may turn slow depending on the Internet network.
    The viewing effect depends on the speed of the internet connection.

    You can download VLC media player to manage M3U8 files. If you prefer an easy way, you may type Cicever M3U8 Converter in search engine and there will be a detailed guide to instruct you how to do it easily. I wish this will be a good solutions for you all.
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  6. I use Allavsoft to directly download online M3U8 to MP4, AVI, it also helps to convert local m3u8 files.
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