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    I took some time off from video editing over the years mid2000's.... started with windows movie maker capturing video from DVtape. When I tried to capture video from my next video camera (late 2000's) MovieMaker couldn't handle it (too many firing points) ; After doing some research I settled on Cyberlink's software. Powerdirector and Powerproducer.

    TV's have changed a lot since then as well... I have a monolith Mitsubishi TV that I could sublet to a college student as well as a newer HD TV that my son left behind when moving out.

    ANYWAY... rendering and producing videos with cyberlink software and watching it on youtube looks pretty damn good...
    but generating a DVD with the software leaves me with much to be desired and from the past I don't remember it looking THAT crappy. blurring images, pixilation etc.
    I have done some reading because of this frustration and I am almost believing that It is because of the limitations of a DVD... but then I ask myself why do other peoples DVD videos look so crisp and clear. EG Karaoke DVD's my wife watches occasionally... and of course the Hollywood production stuff is a sharp image.... but mine look smeary / blurry etc.

    I have read the threads and know that I will be taken to the woodshed by many of the helpful experts out there but I am up to the whoopass as I WANT TO MAKE crisp looking DVD video not turds on digital versatile coasters.

    some of the properties on my video files are as follows:
    data rate : 8300kps
    total bitrate: 8556kps
    frame rate: 29 frames per second

    I figured out that making it in a higher def file (for DVD) is fruitless and actually looks worse. Also figured out that you want a lower bit rate because a faster bit rate will overload some older DVD players buffers.

    I am going to play with my video camera and turn down the settings on it to see if that will help with end product quality as well..

    So I would appreciate the obvious stated or asked.... As I would love my same youtube videos to playback as clear on DVD format

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  2. A lot of words, some of them nonsensical, but not a single sample for anyone to study.

    And you're using garbage products to produce your DVDs. Better would be to give AVSToDVD a try. Please post short 10-second samples with steady movement, before and after.
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    Video format(s) through your entire processing chain? Length of video (ie: runtime) and on what size disc?

    Samples, as noted above, would allow review of your video quality. I'd suspect conversion (tool) issues or video length to be the biggest factor, assuming you aren't changing video format each step along the way.
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