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  1. Hi everyone, first time on this forum, hoping for some answers to my many questions.

    First of I film in XAVC-S 25p 50m
    My camera (Sony A77ii)

    My editing software is : Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13

    I have both DVD Architect Pro 5 and DVD Architect Studio 5.

    I wish to burn to DVD, but in Blu Ray format, to get the best result possible.

    My questions from the forum are:

    What is the best combination of render and burn settings to achieve this?

    Should I look at other packages other than the one's that I have mentioned?

    On Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 there are render settings for XAVC-S UHD and XAVC-S HD but both my DVD versions say "wrong file type" when I try to burn them, Why?

    I look forward to learning from those who know more than me.
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    Originally Posted by ChrisMin View Post
    I wish to burn to DVD, but in Blu Ray format, to get the best result possible.
    So you want to put HD video on a DVD, and be Blu Ray compatible?
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    1. What size blank recording medium do you want to record onto - DVD9, DVD25 or DVD50 ?

    2. What type of playback device will need to play your disc?

    A standard movie DVD you might buy can only handle standard definition and is playable on both DVD and BD players

    A Blu ray (BD) movie will only play on a BD player.

    So you need to be a little clearer on want you want to do - on first reading of your post I'm sure many would interpret it as suggesting you want to make a HD quality product on a stock standard DVD5 or 9 ...... not possible unless you mean AVCHD ?
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